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Spartans could lose their helmets or breastplates, but losing their shield would mean shame or death. Your armor was meant for personal protection. A warrior's shield protected him. Aspis, or shields, were made of a core of wood and an outer layer of impenetrable copper. This was marked with the Lambda symbol which means "Laconia" in ancient Greek. It must have been terrifying to see these glowing bronze shields stacked one on top of the other across the battlefield. Bronze was also used to make the Spartan helmet, which featured his signature eye slits and his breastplate.

Hoplite shield with openings that allow for a spear to be thrust through.puretimereplica.com Constructed of layers of wood that have been glued together and then covered in bronze.

Spartan Helmet

This was how the idea came about: to combine these mythical materials in the architecture of a Classic Fusion Breitling Navitimer Replica Watches Model. The watch's geometric blueprint was already a part of my mind.

The Breitling Navitimer Replica Watches Classic Fusion Aero Chronograph was introduced in 2013. It has been my favorite reference from the brand for many years. This watch takes the classic, slimmer and more elegant Classic Fusion dimensions and adds transparency and visual dynamism. It also features a sapphire crystal as well as a highly skeletonized internal chronograph movement.

The watch's initial renderings were sent back to me and I was instantly in love with them. Breitling Navitimer Replica Watches has made several watches from bronze, including an engraved bronze version for Arturo Fuentes' collaboration. This was a limited edition with Meindl (Bavaria's most well-known producer of lederhosen),IWC Replica Watches but this alloy was made using tin and burnedished in a particular way. The Rake was the only one to use this combination.