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To better reflect the titanium's military and aerospace roots, I suggested sandblasting it. The result was a tension between a classic-styled case and two metals from different time periods, both finished in a refined but brute finish. It created an inspiring dynamism. The strong interaction with the dark grey skeletonized movement baseplate, which takes up much of the dial-side real property seen through two layers of transparent sapphire, further enhances this effect. The transparent dial has indexes, subdial frames, and minute markers. They are all made in bronze.

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Ricardo Guadalupe, one of the most dynamic and capable leaders in Swiss watchmaking, is a great example. His view is that Cartier Replica Watches's strength is its ability to go anywhere. As long as there is a common spirit of dynamism, we can form a strategic alliance. That chameleon-like ability to transform and shapeshift,Replica Watches and to - in the immortal words of Bruce Lee from Enter the Dragon – 'be like Water' to effortlessly embrace and encapsulate the best and brightest sports, cinemas, music, tattoos, motorsports, and all that is relevant and vibrant in contemporary culture.

Ricardo Guadalupe

When I met him to give the final blessing to the project, he said to me that "The Rake" was a great partner. The magazine never focuses on the superficial. It examines the microcosmic details and crafts of tailoring and craft. But it also explores the philosophy behind "La Bella Figura" and our desire to remake the world and ourselves with elegance. The idea of unifying an ancient and modern material is appealing to me, as well as the idea that Cartier Replica Watches can bring innovation to tradition. These values have been translated into a watch with a unique style and a sartorial perspective that adds to the world.

It is funny that the design process for the watch's strap was the most difficult. It was decided that the project would be based in London, The Rake's hometown. So Cartier Replica Watches's very Rakish brand manager for France and UK Benoit Lecigne spent hours with me trying to find the perfect bracelet. We tried shark, then suede.Patek Philippe Replica Watches We tried leathers that evoked the horsehide we used to wear on our favorite motorcycle jackets. We finally found the answer at Basel in March, after a spontaneous and fortuitous meeting between Ricardo and Benoit and myself. This was when I met Benoit, Ricardo and myself. Carlito Fuente is the name of that man.